Quality assurance programs

Quality assurance programs

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When selecting any service provider for your facility’s needs, a key factor is that company’s Quality Control program.  You need to find a company that has a cleaning system engineered to consistently produce a sanitary and healthy environment, whether the commercial facility is a retail store, school, multi-tenant residence or office, business or industrial location.

Our system

Commercial cleaning has moved past the “mop and bucket.” Consistent quality requires state-of-the-art equipment, supplies, and compliance with Federal, State and local standards and regulations.  Metro Facility Services provides an ongoing technical research program that provides the right equipment, cleaning techniques, and protection.

Metro Facility Services has a robust Quality Assurance program. Our program includes inspection reports, regularly verifying the quality of our work after the cleaning is complete. This reporting is shared with you and archived for your records. We will also ask our customers to rate the quality of their service regularly, possibly once a month or once per quarter. This rating provides objective feedback regarding your individual satisfaction.

Metro Facility Services also visits your business on a regular, personal basis, taking the initiative to visit your facility (or facilities) during business hours to discuss your needs, as well as checking in on the progress of their efforts at your location.  We will have a clear and responsive contact person for you to communicate with on a regular basis, especially in case of an emergency.  We track all of our customer communication and requests, to ensure timely completion, and be accountable with records and reviews of all categories for both management and cleaning staff to confirm consistent service excellence.

The objective of our company’s Quality Assurance program is to promote a pro-active facilities stewardship philosophy. Our inspectors inspect, evaluate and document the appearance of your buildings. With additional information on the buildings, our operations and facilities managers can plan appropriate cleaning and maintenance actions before they find the need to initiate a call.

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